Blue Cheesemaking ADVANCED

Course Duration

4 days


Ivan Larcher



Upcoming dates

February 2024, exact dates to be confirmed


8:30 am to 5:00 pm




A deep dive into blue cheesemaking, covering all the various styles of artisan blue cheese – from creamy/cream-added to soft to semi-soft to semi-hard to crumbly – and all the main milk types (cow, goat and sheep). A balanced mix of hands-on practical blue cheesemaking and learning the science, art and practice underlying it.

Australia’s blue cheese market is rather better-developed than other artisan cheese styles, thanks in no small part to the pioneering work done decades ago by blue cheese innovator, Richard Thomas. But there are several styles of blue cheese popular in the northern hemisphere that are not yet made here, so this is an opportunity to learn how to create new styles the market will love.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, but it is an advanced cheesemaking course. Previous commercial cheesemaking experience and study is recommended, including having undertaken our Artisan Cheesemaking Fundamentals course.


  • key equipment and ageing options for blue cheesemaking
  • assessing the Australian market for blue cheese, and choosing blue cheese styles to meet market demand
  • choosing blue mould cultures together with appropriate starter and ageing cultures
  • understanding how to cultivate the yeasts, moulds and bacteria for optimal blue cheese texture and complex flavour
  • focus on how to control the key mechanisms underlying blue cheesemaking for optimal outcomes
  • cutting and stirring techniques for different blue cheese types
  • salting and brining techniques
  • piercing options and techniques
  • techniques for controlling unwanted blue mould contamination of non-blue cheeses made in the same facility
  • optimal rind control parameters
  • several blue cheese makes in our purpose-built cheese training facility, under Ivan’s supervision
  • working at commercial scale with our Long Paddock Cheese blue cheeses in our fromagerie, under Ivan’s supervision
  • affinage for blue cheese, including in our fromagerie ageing rooms
    a tour run by Ivan of our Long Paddock Cheese facility, during which you can ask questions about facility design, equipment etc
  • sensory analysis of blue cheeses at different ages
  • wine and cheese evening
  • opportunities throughout to ask questions of and seek guidance from Ivan about cheesemaking throughout the course.
bluestone square
young bluestone


  • Cost: There is a 10% discount for existing students of The Cheese School and for cheesemaker/startup cheesemaker/associate members of ASCA (Australian Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association).
  • Participant numbers are limited to just 8.
  • Accommodation: there are lots of options for short-term accommodation near The Cheese School.
  • Meals: breakfast and lunch + tea and coffee are included in the cost. There are several nearby pubs and restaurants and other options available for evening meals. Please advise of any dietary restrictions on registration.
  • Cheese to take home: you can take the cheese you make home with you, with guidance from Ivan on how to ripen it.
  • Area: Castlemaine is a vibrant town nestled in Central Victoria, celebrated for its thriving artisanal food scene and creative artists. The Cheese School is conveniently located at The Mill, a hub for food and artisan manufacturing. Our onsite food and beverage neighbours include a cafe, coffee roasters, winery, ice-creamery, baker, small goods-maker, chocolatier, brewery &taproom, fruit and vegetable store, as well as numerous artists furniture makers.
  • Payment details: 50% is payable on application (by EFT to our bank account), with the remaining 50% payable 3 weeks before the course starts. You can cancel with a refund of 50% up to the date 3 weeks before the course starts. After then, if you cancel, you will receive a 50% credit towards another course with us but no refund.
  • Redeeming Gift Vouchers: Should you wish to redeem a gift voucher as part of your enrolment, please ensure you provide the unique voucher number when registering on our website.
  • Apply: please click the Book Now button above to fill in the registration form. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know we have successfully received your details. We will also be in contact you within 7 days to provide further information about your nominated course, including an invoice for the 50% deposit.

We have kept the cost of our courses down compared with equivalent courses elsewhere. We want to encourage those interested in professional cheesemaking to learn the skills from the master! We also offering a discount for the ASCA member categories mentioned above, as we believe in fostering a collaborative small-scale dairy community in Australia through their industry association.


Blue Cheesemaking Advanced. 4 days. $1480+gst per person. 

Blue Cheesemaking Advanced