Cheese box (3 to 4 people)

From $120.00 every month

3 to 4 people box


  • 4 cheeses (approximately 800g of cheese)
  • 1 butter ball (150g)
  • 2 fresh dairy products (cream, yogurt or fresh curd etc)
  • Pause or cancel your subscription at any time!

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Order cut off date

Your cheese box will be dispatched on the second Wednesday of the month following your payment.

For example, subscriptions paid for in February will delivered in March. Subscriptions paid for in March, will be delivered in April etc.
A full schedule for 2024 is listed below.

Depending on your location, you will receive delivery of your cheese box on either the second Thursday or Friday of the delivery month.

2024 Delivery Schedule

Payment dateDispatch dateDelivery date
01 Jan – 31 Jan14 Feb15 or 16 Feb
01 Feb – 29 Feb13 Mar14 or 15 Mar
01 Mar – 31 Mar10 Apr11 or 12 Apr
01 Apr – 30 Apr8 May9 or 10 May
01 May – 31 May12 Jun13 or 14 Jun
01 Jun – 30 Jun10 Jul11 or 12 Jul
01 Jul – 31 Jul14 Aug15 or 16 Aug
01 Aug – 31 Aug11 Sep12 or 13 Sep
01 Sep – 30 Sep9 Oct10 or 11 Oct
01 Oct – 31 Oct13 Nov14 or 15 Nov
01 Nov – 30 Nov11 Dec12 or 13 Dec

Delivery details

You will be notified via text of an approximate delivery window. You will receive 2 text messages from our delivery partner; one informing you that a courier is on its way. Another once the delivery has been completed.

If you will not be home, please select for ice to be added to your order, or have a decent sized esky containing ice packs ready for our delivery driver.

While we can deliver to most of Victoria, not all postcodes are covered by our courier. If you are outside the delivery zone, please consider delivery to your workplace.

We cannot deliver to a PO Box addresses.

For apartment buildings, it is important that we can gain access to the lobby or mail room if for some reason you are not at home.

Reuse/Return of Boxes

We would love to be able to reuse the box in which you received your order. The used box can be left out on the day you expect your next order – the driver will collect this and send it back to us for reuse.


You may pause or cancel your subscription at any time by logging on to your account. Please ensure you do so prior to your next scheduled payment date.  No responsibility is taken for orders that are not paused or cancelled in time for your next scheduled payment.