Sundew cheese


Small soft bloomy Camembert-style cheese. A more traditional flavour profile of cauliflower, cabbage & mushroom, milder when young, becoming more pronounced as it ages. Sundew can also be baked with honey & nuts and/or cider.

Aspect: white/cream colour, bloomy rind is slightly wavy, becoming flecked with brown as it ripens.

Texture: dense and semi-soft with slightly chalky core when young,
becoming creamy and melty, slightly oozy but not liquid, as it ripens.

Flavour: mild, creamy/lactic and slightly nutty when young, becoming more full-flavoured, cabbagy and yeasty as it ripens.

Weight: around 160 g.

Eat: delicious on a cheese board, spread on crusty bread or crackers. Amazing when baked with honey & pecan nuts, maybe with a splash of cider (bake in its box for 10-15 minutes in moderate oven or BBQ).

Presentation: wrapped in micro-perforated bloomy cheese paper, in its own wooden box, sold as a whole cheese.

Pair: Sparkling wines pair well with Camembert-style cheeses, their acidity helping to cut through the rich, nutty mushroomy flavour. For the same reason, cool climate Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Albariño & Pinot Grigio work a treat. Cider is a classic pairing. Or a very light fruity Beajoulais, un-oaked Pinot or similar, if you really must drink red!

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