Silver Wattle cheese

Silver Wattle

Our soft bloomy lactic cheese in the style of St Marcellin. Fudgy and lemony when young; soft, creamy and pungent when ripe!

Small soft lactic cheese, with a thin Geotrichum rind, mousse-like texture and lemony yeasty flavour

Aspect: cream colour, slightly wavy geotrichum rind.

Texture: soft mousse-like texture, delicate thin rind bloomed with geotrichum, becoming creamy & oozy as it ages outside in.

Flavour: fresh, lemony, mild and lactic when young, becoming more pungent and yeasty as it ripens.

Weight: approx. 180g.

Eat: perfect for warmer months, delicious spread on crusty bread or crackers, or when younger, sliced into a composed salad.

Presentation: wrapped in micro-perforated lactic cheese paper, then placed in its own wooden box.

Pair: Champagne! – as Silver Wattle ages, its bright lemony notes mellow into more yeasty flavours, making Champagne or other dry sparkling wine a perfect match (the bubbles help to balance the yeasty pungency and tidy up the palate). Other similarly-structured, lightly-perfumed wines also work well – try Sparkling Rosé, Pet Nat, Vouvray, Sauvignon Blanc, Pecorino, Riesling, Verdejo or Gewürztraminer. Also delicious with beer or a dry/slightly fruity cider.

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