Granite cheese


Clothbound cheddar, natural rind, aged in our cheese cellars for 10-12 months. Made in the traditional style of Somerset cheddar, using multiple layers of cotton cloth and lard. The lard both protects/seals the cheese and helps the complex rind to develop over the months with the help of a community of favourable yeasts, bacteria and moulds.

Aspect: dense slightly-crumbly paste, mid-yellow colour, with mottled grey/brown rind, cloth on rind. Its rind has a striking resemblance to granite stone.

Texture: semi-hard, dense, moist and buttery but crumbly.

Flavour: complex layers of different flavours – deeply savoury but with grassy/buttery flavours, background acid, earthy, umami, satisfying and
with good length of flavour.

Weight: approx. 8 kilos whole, sold whole or cut.

Eat: as is with crusty bread or crackers; ploughman’s style with pickles
or relish; or try it with something sweeter like fruit bread, Eccles cake or fruit cake. Delicious also in a toastie or lightly grilled and crumbled on buttered potatoes or seasonal roast vegetables. Grate it into a savoury custard or béchamel sauce to accompany any grilled or roasted vegetables or meats. (Not suitable for vegetarians as we follow tradition by using animal rennet and lard).

Pair: There is something for everyone when it comes to matching drinks with Cheddar. Strong ales such as IPA, Porter & Stout for beer lovers, Apple or Perry Pear ciders, robust white wines like Chardonnay, fruity medium-bodied reds like Nebbiolo or Syrah, fortifieds like Port or Madeira, as well as aged spirits like Whisky, Cognac or Armagnac.

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