banksia cheese


6-8 month Raclette-style semi-hard tomme-shaped cheese, made with certified organic cow’s milk from a nearby family-run farm. Banksia has a natural rind, with paste that is firm and elastic, yet creamy & melty, packed full of sweet-grassy and buttery-savoury flavours.

Aspect: firm natural rind with mottled reddish/yellowy/brown tones, pale yellow/creamy paste with a few small holes.

Texture: dense semi-hard flexible paste, excellent for melting or grilling.

Flavour: creamy/sweet/nutty with earthy tones, becoming more pungent and brothy/umami with age, satisfying and with good length of flavour.

Weight: approx. 3 kilos whole, sold whole or cut.

Eat: delicious as part of a cheese board with crusty bread or crackers, but also an excellent melting and cooking cheese. Try it in anything that calls for a tasty melted cheese – toasties, cheesy béchamel sauces, gratins, fondue – or grill it like a Raclette. (Not suitable for vegetarians as we use animal rennet in this cheese).

Pair: Being quite an earthy & complex cheese, even when fairly young, Banksia commands wine, beer, cider or sake with equal intensity & personality. Try an aged Riesling, White Rioja, Marsanne/Roussane, Viogner, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Noir, Gamay, or a Golden or Belgian Ale. If enjoying as Raclette, fondue or other cooking style, cooler alpine whites with more acidity like Pinot Blanc, or northern Italian whites such as Soave or Muller Thurgau, will help cut through the richness of the dish.

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